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Nakamura Sensei invites you to Amazon fishing

To fish in Amazon was always a dream for Nakamura Sensei. For this reason, before Gasshuku he goes to the Amazon to fish, so he invites you to share this adventure in the tropical forest. 


Join this trip to fish in the world biodiversity richest region, just before the Gasshuku and know the Negro and Amazonas rivers.


In this trip, you might explore one of the wildest rivers in the world, beyond fishing you will be able to know floating houses, South American indigenous culture, and the typical forest foods. Enjoy a week with all safety and comfort in the jungle Resorts at middle Amazon.


For detailed information please contact Rodrigo  Silva, he is student of IOGKF Brasil, in charge of giving you all the information about this adventure with Sensei Nakamura.

Visit Hombu dojo

after the Gasshuku

After Gasshuku you are welcome to Guriri, where IOGKF Brazil's hombu dojo is located.

There you can spend some days training and resting, enjoying a beautiful beach in front of the dojo.


For more information contact Kayo, the student responsible for informing you about this adventure.

Tourism in Espírito Santo state

The state of Espirito Santo has much to offer in tourism


You can find valuable information about beautiful places to visit in the Espírito Santo accessing the official site of the Government State Agency for Tourism.

Tourist attractions


In addition to the Resort attractions, there are other sites and attractions near the venue, such as the Morro da Vargem Zen Monastery and the schooner ride on the Piraquê-Açu River.

We will be ready to offer you these options at the moment of your arrival at the Resort!